Software Engineer II Interview Questions

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“Write a method to rotate an array at n without using O(1) space.
How would you test this method”

“A question about Linked Lists”

“Write code to detect a loop in a linked list”

“Design a scheduler to run many functions at different times. It needs to (obviously) be thread-safe. Each task which is scheduled to run will have a time stamp, containing a desired execution time…”

“Write a program that multiply very large two matrix. Most of the numbers on each of the matrix are zeros (0). Must optimize for memory and speed.”

“How would you test the function above?”

“Problems solving with coding on a whiteboard, including algorithms (binary search, DFS) and data structure (hash table, binary search tree, graph). Design problems (restaurant reservation system) and…”

“Why doesn't eBay use EJBs, Hibernate, Spring, Transactions?”

“Write an algorithm to find out the price for a keyword of an item based on the values present in the existing tables. He gave me 2 tables and some columns with item details. Keywords to search for…”

“Design a Database for an Email Service.”

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