Software Engineer II Interview Questions

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“For new hires is completly behavioral. The most challenging question was: What is the prototype design pattern and how to apply it to X example.”

“Write a method to rotate an array at n without using O(1) space. How would you test this method”

“It was too long ago. I think I was asked about my experience with message-oriented middleware. I was a perfect fit for the job, so there wasn't much resistance to hiring me.”

“Imagine a random distribution of water droplets spread across the whiteboard, design an algorithm to create the maximal enclosed area by connecting the water droplets with lines.”

“"Tell me about a time when you failed at something."”

“A question about Linked Lists”

“Write code to detect a loop in a linked list”

“Design a scheduler to run many functions at different times. It needs to (obviously) be thread-safe. Each task which is scheduled to run will have a time stamp, containing a desired execution time...”

“Write a program that multiply very large two matrix. Most of the numbers on each of the matrix are zeros (0). Must optimize for memory and speed.”

“How would you test the function above?”

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