Software Engineer III Interview Questions

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“Telephone interview: Find largest integer from an array of integers. The integers in the array are arranged in strictly increasing (no 2 integers are same) or strictly increasing then decreasing; so...”

“First phone screen: Print all the nodes of a tree in reverse level order (ie print all the nodes at the leaves first, then print the nodes on the level above the leaves, and then eventually work your...”

“write a wrapper fun for 32-byte aligned mem allocation”

“Suppose you have a C++ base class and several classes that inherit from it. What might happen if you do not write a virtual destructor for the base class?”

“What's wrong with this code?”

“Have you ever had a work place conflict and if so, how did you solve it?”

“When an application exception is thrown in a stateless session bean... will the transaction get rolled back?”

“Design the recommendations list for amazon webpage.”

“Oral exam by 3 people. One asked how I would troubleshoot a catastrophic failure. No specifics given.”

“In Person with 4 people (~45min each): 1. Check if binary tree A is contained in binary tree B. Write code on paper. 2. Derive a formula for calculating the angle between the hour hand and minute...”

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