Software Engineer In Test I Interview Questions

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“You are given a n*n matrix of bits (1s and 0s) where 1 represents land and 0 represents water. Adjacent 1s can be considered as joined together to form sort of island in water. Count the number of…”

“What is the level of your documentation skills and SQL knowledge?”

“Implement a graph class, find the minimum spanning tree?”

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“Write an algorithm that takes function names from a program and will figure out if it is made up of valid words (1 or more).”

“Consider a rectangular mesh (intersecting horizontal and vertical lines ). These lines represent intersecting roads. You are standing at top left intersection and you need to reach to a resort…”

“You are given a long stream of characters. Write a program to find first non repeating character. Discuss complexity.”

“There was a period of time between the interviews and the offer which lasted for about 3 weeks. The uncertainty was worrisome but I persisted and in the end it all worked out for me.”

“Explain Linked List witha an example and a code”

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