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“Describe and code an algorithm that returns the first duplicate character in a string?”

“2. Find top 100 maximum number from a continuous input stream.”

“First explain what a tree, then binary tree, then a binary search tree is. Now implement a function that verifies whether a binary tree is a valid binary search tree.”

“Write a method to decide if the given binary tree is a binary search tree or not.”

“I was asked a pretty straight forward brain teaser during my last phone interview, which they said they don't normally do, but because I put that I was a logical problem solver on my resume they…”

“given two linked lists with a digit in each node, add the two linked lists together. the result must be a linked list with one digit in each node. use only one iteration of the two input lists.”

“find if 2 strings are anagrams”

“In a BST write a program to find 2 nodes x and y such that X+y=k”

“Given a triangle, determine if its a scalene, equilateral, isosceles or neither... required knowledge of triangle properties, I learnt these properties about two decades ago so ofcourse I was fuzzy…”

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