Software Engineer (Quality Engineer) Interview Questions

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“Give an array of Integer which contain duplicate number from 1-100, how to count how many distinct number you have?”

“How to reverse a String? How to deal with it if the input string is null?”

“Interview questions: recursion, probability”

“The brain teaser: what is the last digit of 2007 power 2007”

“There are 4 people going through a bridge. One takes 5-min, one takes 1-min, one takes 2-min, and one takes 10-min. And only two people can go through once. Question: what is the shortest time that…”

“A very hard brain teaser that requires creativity. You don't necessarily have to get the right answer, but you have to come up with some intelligent ways of tackling the problem. Don't be afraid to…”

“Questions about your background.”

“What is a good automation framework?”

“He asked me to test a code which was supposed to throw an exception in one scenario. Test method should be expecting exception as the output from the method.”

“Wanted to know what I had studied in college as a BS Computer Information systems major. Inquired extensively about my experience and skills with my internship job at a major telecom company.”

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