Software Engineer, Web Developer Interview Questions

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“Given 2 images in HTML markup:
<img src="blah.gif" /><img src="blah.gif" />
how would you position the lower above the upper in CSS?”

“In jQuery, describe how the selector syntax works for the click function.”

“Supply a method that decides if a given string is a palindrome.”

“Interviewer drew a web-layout on the whiteboard, asked me to code the HTML markup, the CSS to style it, and JavaScript to add behavior.”

“How do you define an object in JavaScript, code an example.”

“There are 3 boxes. One has blue marbles. One has white marbles. One has both color marbles. All boxes are incorrectly labeled. Each box has a crank which dispenses exactly one marble at a time. what…”

“What is a JavaScript closure, and provide a code example.”

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