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“An enumerator is a class with getNextObject method. It encapsulates the container. Write an enumerator. Next, write a new enumerator called chained-enumerator which is initialized by two other…”

“Second question was not really a question but a very healthy session of pair programming where I was speaking and a senior developer was coding. He chose JAVA and we were creating a list…”

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“Given 2 images in HTML markup:
<img src="blah.gif" /><img src="blah.gif" />
how would you position the lower above the upper in CSS?”

“In jQuery, describe how the selector syntax works for the click function.”

“Supply a method that decides if a given string is a palindrome.”

“Interviewer drew a web-layout on the whiteboard, asked me to code the HTML markup, the CSS to style it, and JavaScript to add behavior.”

“There are 3 boxes. One has blue marbles. One has white marbles. One has both color marbles. All boxes are incorrectly labeled. Each box has a crank which dispenses exactly one marble at a time. what…”

“How do you define an object in JavaScript, code an example.”

“What is a JavaScript closure, and provide a code example.”

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