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“Find the average value of a binary tree both recursively and iteratively. Explain why iteratively may be preferred over recursively.”

“They asked how I would create a program simulating a deck of cards, how would I shuffle them ect.. They also asked a question about a binary tree search.”

“How do you find the average of a binary tree?”

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“Zig Zag tree traversal, create something similar to your t9 dictionary.”

“Classic interview question about matrixes sorted row and column wise.”

“Question were not the difficult ones, but the sub-questions asked on them were tricky.
1st interview question: It was scenario based coding question. Asked to code it in whatever language you want…”

“Tell us about a really nasty bug you had in a programming project and how you fixed it.”

“Two questions regarding pseudocode. One question about the binary search algorithm, the second question was about merge sort algorithm. Questions were also asked about A/D conversion process and…”

“They were pretty normal C++, Java questions. Respect the NDA, but it was ok.”

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