Software Engineering Manager Interview Questions

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“A IQ question: I have 9 coins and 8 have the same weight and the last one is heavier. I also have a balance beam to weigh the coins with. I can only use the balance beam 2 times to find the heavier…”

“How do you define success?”

“Tell me about a time you led a group through a change in their everyday software tools?”

“I interviewed for Manager position. They asked very deep technical questions.”

“Give an example of where you had to coach a subordinate.”

“Why are you more qualified for this position than anyone else here? (from the staff)”

“Do you understand Accrual Accounting?”

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“Can you speak another Language, like an Asian Language?”

“Why do you need promotion? Will you listen to my commands?”

“What is your strategy in interviewing so you hire the right people?”

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