Software Engineering Summer Intern Interview Questions

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“25 racehorses, no stopwatch. 5 tracks. Figure out the top three fastest horses in the fewest number of races.”

“If you roll 5 standard six-sided dice, what’s the probability that you get at least two 4s? Also: you were offered the following bet: we pay you $1000 if you roll at least two 4s but you have to...”

“what is object and what is interference in OOD”

“We’re excited that you’re interested in a position here at Rapleaf. Why are you interested in working at Rapleaf in particular? What about Rapleaf excites you? Please limit yourself to 1-2 paragraphs.”

“step 1. 1. print the degree between hour and minute in a clock. 2. do not remember properly but had some thing to do with linked lists sorts. step 2. 1. print a 2D matrix spiral. 2. how...”

“write a kind of sort algorithm and tell the complicity.”

“Bubble sort is O(n) at best, O(n^2) at worst, and its memory usage is O(1) . Merge sort is always O(n log n), but its memory usage is O(n). Explain which algorithm you would use to implement a...”

“There were a lot of questions regarding java trivia. One architectural question asked me to describe how I would design java to mimic the human body.”

“The first question given to me was the most difficult. It was a logic puzzle, and asked which of four statements about the puzzle was true. I could have sketched a logic puzzle grid, but I decided...”

“what is stack and what is heap in the memory”

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