Software Internship Interview Questions

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“You have two decks of cards, one normal 52-card deck and one 104-card deck with double every card. Is one deck better than the other if you wanted to get two black cards in a row?”

“How would you count the number of words in a string consisting of uneven number of spaces between words( not dictionary words)? With and without library functions.”

“Write codes for the Nth Fibonacci number.”

“Given an array of positive and negative numbers, give an algorithm that would find the sequence of numbers that give the largest sum. The numbers have to be in sequential order.”

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“what was a technical difficulty and how have you overcome it.”

“What is the angle between hour hand and minute hand at 3.15?”

“What would you name this function and how would you optimize it?”

“What is the difference between a Class in C and an Object in C++?”

“What is the difference between a signed and unsigned integer variable type?”

“Given two arrays one with expected numbers and other with actual numbers determine which number is missing in the actual array”

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