Software Performance Engineer Interview Questions

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“How would you define custom memory management for a class in C++? How about if you wanted to return blocks of memory to the OS?”

“Difference between hashtable and hashmap”

“The question was very vague. Given an app that does a lot of read how do you improve the performance? I was like, uhmmm there are many ways, so I focused on the blades, turned out that he wanted...”

“Lots of questions about different architecture. One which came to mind is to design a job scheduler.”

“Given a binary search tree write an algorithm that converts the tree into a linked list which is space minimal.”

“Given an integer matrix that is sorted ascending in each row and each column write an algorithm that find an integer X or returns false.”

“How to remove duplicates from an array.”

“Most people talk about enabling the Extended Log feature in the Run-time Settings Vuser GUI, For example: Parameter Substitution and/or Data Returned by the Server and/or Advanced Trace check boxes...”

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