Software QA Engineer Interview Questions

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“Describe the packet format for PBB, PB, IPv6, IPv4, Ethernet along with the size of each field”

“What is the biggest achievement when you worked on yor project?”

“How will you go about building and testing the hubble telescope in the lab?”

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“One of interviewers gave me a piece of code where 'while' loop incorporated several embedded 'for' loops and several variables was initialized in one of the loops, and asked me to describe what this...”

“Events are sent from computer A on the LAN to Computer B on the WAN. A monitoring system is near B and on computer C on LAN are supposed to capture the events. How do you verify no events are missed?”

“Wanted to know what I had studied in college as a BS Computer Information systems major. Inquired extensively about my experience and skills with my internship job at a major telecom company.”

“Behavioral questions - self development questions, why is it needed, why is it a weakness, what have you done so far to work on it”

“What is the difference between a test plan and test cases?”

“Was asked to program quick-sort in Java.”

“You say that you work very well with developers to solve problems. How would you handle dealing with an extremely difficult engineer who won't acknowledge possible issues with his code and often...”

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