Software QA Intern Interview Questions

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“"Given this 'web page' of an interactive calculator where you can insert values and the results be printed to the screen, what methods would you use to 'break' the code?"”

“What do you want to do with this major/degree?”

“5 aptitude questions they asked me to solve that was unexpected.”

“Was asked to program quick-sort in Java.”

“List the differences between TCP and UDP?”

“They asked me questions about networking which I wasnt prepared for. They sent me a list of stuff to study when calling me in for the on-site interview, and that wasnt on there”

“why this position suits you”

“how will you approach if you are give a functional module which is dependent on other modules to work and it fails? how will you determine/find the failing dependent module quickly?”

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“What is regression testing? When should it be used? And what do you do when you find one?”

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