Software Quality Assurance Analyst Interview Questions

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“Given a tight schedule how will you decide what to test and which test cases to execute.”

“How would you handle a situation where you may be on the phone with a client, while a co-worker shoots you in the head with a nerf gun.”

“There were many logic based questions. I would later learn, after being on the other side of the interview process, that this team liked to ask very difficult or impossible questions just to see how…”

“Can you remember a time where you made a mistake, and if you had a second chance, how would you do things differently?”

“No real difficult questions or unexpected ones. Was asked if I was familiar with UAT, Oracle, regression testing and writing test case scenarios.”

“tell me about your most difficult situation in a testing setting, related to the client's processes, difficult cross-functional team/individual, or a manager who gave you a hard time? why was it…”

“have you ever implemented uat in a distributed setting, where your testers were remote and and you had to closely work with them through out testing prep/execution phase? what were your challenges…”

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