Software Support Specialist Interview Questions

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“Describe a time you had to thnik outside the box.”

“How would you handle a situation where a rehab facility calls and says they are not seeing any of the patient's records from the hospital on their dashboard?”

“Introduces a technical situation asks you what sorts of steps you would take to troubleshoot it. Also asks some project management questions such as how you would manage multiple tasks.”

“How are you at Accounting?”

“Why do you feel qualified for this position?”

“N/A. Because the software is proprietary, there are very few technical questions. Most difficult part is the aptitude test, but these are more logic based and sequencing questions. Not that hard…”

“The interview questions asked to me were on a two page sheet that the interviewing manager followed, things like give an example of your most difficult experience in...
They were standard…”

“Basically given some scenarios dealing with software/hardware performance and asked to describe how I would go about analyzing and solving them.”

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