Solution Analyst Interview Questions

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“The Solutions Challenge - a scenario were you will be asked to conduct a Q&A requirements gathering session, and then wireframe a solution.”

“Describe a time when you lost a customer's trust.”

“My least expected question was how I would have done one of my relevant projects if I was making that software for Vitech. I had done research into agile development and I had asked questions about…”

“frisbee in a tree. how would you get it down?”

“Tell me about a time when you helped another co-worker?
How do you deal with hard customers?
How do you deal with pressure?
Tell me about a time you lead a project?
Why are you interested in the…”

“How weird are you?”

“How do you deal with teams?”

“Give me an example of data types? (but they use a different word for it so be ready)”

“What makes you want this position?”

“Got drilled about how Quantitative Easing works, and 3 tools Fed has to control interest rates and Money Supply.”

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