Solution Architect Interview Questions

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“Tell me a little bit about yourself”

“What was the last project you were on where something went wrong and how did you fix it.”

“How many ping pong balls would fill this room if there was no furniture in it?”

“You're overqualified; why would you want this job?”

“do you know how to do ____________________ (mongo DB, bootstrap.js, css, UI dev, cloud foundry, vb script, you name it, can you learn a new app every week, do you GiT, etc.)”

“Why do you feel you should work for Annese? Wasn't difficult just caught off guard when it was asked, was mixed with other questions that made it unexpected at the time.”

“All they focus on in salary.”

“Why do you want to leave your previous job?”

“Describe a situation where you need a computer to speak to two different connections on the same system on two separate networks.”

“There wasn't any one question in particular, but in the scenario I knew they would throw me a curveball, so they decided to have two people act like they couldn't stand each other to see how I would…”

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