Solution Architect Interview Questions

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“How would you sell a solution to customer who is not ready to listen to you because of a bad delivery which our company did in past.”

“Nothing technical. The Solution Architect threw up some high-level requirements for high-traffic news site up on the whiteboard and asked me to architect it's logical and physical infrastructure...”

“Fictitious company had a requirement to display only open opportunities on the Account page, and did not just want the related list to be sorted.”

“What kind of beer do you like?”

“The next career move in the firm”

“No difficult questions. She was asking about what patterns I had used, etc.”

“The questions were quite specific. The most difficult was a question concerning terminal/prompts on linux operating systems.”

“What do you want to be doing in five years?”

“Questions were highly varied, covering a variety of topics including technical and sales skills. I was asked to do a personality profile assessment as well.”

“Tell me a little bit about yourself”

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