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“What project did you manage that has the biggest impact to the organization? Explain what and how did you do and what was the impact.”

“I don't remember the inteview questions, but there weren't any Microsoft-style trick questions or brain teasers. Interviews are casual conversations, but most of the style is driven by the...”

“I can't remember the specifics of the practical test, because it has been awhile, but I think it was something along the lines of: "Cut the sub-string 'Mr.' our of the string "Mr. Jones".”

“They give 2 scenarios out of which we need to choose one to develop in under 40 minutes in visual studio environment.”

“What is agile development?”

“Talk about a time when you faced a problem within a team and how you handled it”

“Driving sense of urgency in this category of Copy, Print & Promotional Development”

“Behavioral :- Challenges you have faced, Leadership situations, how do you approach a difficult situation, proactive things you have done etc Technical:- OOPs concepts with example, One to many...”

“Give an example of a conflict during a previous project. How did you manage the problem? What was the solution?”

“Name a time where you had to convince somebody to change their viewpoint on something.”

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