Solutions Analyst Interview Questions

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“The Solutions Challenge - a scenario were you will be asked to conduct a Q&A requirements gathering session, and then wireframe a solution.”

“Describe a time when you lost a customer's trust.”

“What are the differences between a Database Management System and a Relational Database Management System?”

“My least expected question was how I would have done one of my relevant projects if I was making that software for Vitech. I had done research into agile development and I had asked questions about…”

“frisbee in a tree. how would you get it down?”

“How weird are you?”

“How do you deal with teams?”

“What makes you want this position?”

“Give me an example of data types? (but they use a different word for it so be ready)”

“Got drilled about how Quantitative Easing works, and 3 tools Fed has to control interest rates and Money Supply.”

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