Solutions Architect Interview Questions

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“There wasn't any one question in particular, but in the scenario I knew they would throw me a curveball, so they decided to have two people act like they couldn't stand each other to see how I would…”

“Asynchronous and Synchronous Process, which process will block the other one (out of the two)?”

“Which one is faster String.Concat or Stringbuilder”

“Entry point to a DLL”

“What is SAX2?”

“Give me a time when you dealt with adversity and how you dealt with it.”

“Not difficult, per se, but unexpected: one interviewer asked me to name several different sorting algorithms and rank them by their computational complexity. Unexpected because I've never had such a…”

“What is your individual contributions in the projects you mentioned in the resume?”

“What patterns have you used/know about?”

“What technical problem did you solve as part of being an architect ?”

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