Solutions Director Interview Questions

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“How do you convince a CIO of a utility to care about energy efficiency?”

“Don't you feel like this would be a waste of your time (e.g. not leverage all of your skill sets)?”

“Was interviewed on site by a contract consultant, and he asked about gaps in my resume as a consultant.”

“Of all the requirements for this position what do you feel is your biggest weakness and how would you overcome it?”

“Do you have experience in Relationship building, Technical Skills and Healthcare Industry?”

“Given our recent acquisitions, where do you believe are the best opportunities for in the "__" industry.”

“Ask as many questions as possible about the company. It's you're call.”

“What do you bring to the table?”

“Was thrown a "what would you do" scenario that I couldn't tell if it was real or not (it was!) to see what my thinking process would be, reaction, course of action, etc.”

“The questions were all pretty typical scenario based questions, projects and roles I had, and examples of how I worked with others. So I wasn't too surprised.”

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