Sourcer Interview Questions

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“What is your idea of success?
Can you define LAMP?
What is SQL?”

“Why are you interested in this role? You seem very overqualified.”

Sourcer at Google

Sep 28, 2012

“"What is a VMS/MSP?" (very unexpected question, coming from someone who had previously worked in the contingent staffing industry)”

Sourcer at Google

Aug 11, 2010

“Describe in detail sourcing methods you've used.”

“How do you recruit/source candidates?”

“During my interview in Sunrise was prepared to answer questions about my sourcing and professional recruiting experience. WIth no notice of change in position, Business Dev. Manager presented me with…”

“How do you handle stress?”

“Why Uber? Easy question, but hard to sound original.”

“If you didn't have LinkedIn at your disposal, give me 5 different ways that you could find candidates.”

“How would your friends describe you?”

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