Sourcing Interview Questions

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“If it took 6 men 3 hours to load a truck, how long would it take 4 men?”

“How would you respond if your boss needed a part and none was available....”

“Was I aware that this postion may be required to live in China.”

“Reason for wanting to step into recruiting industry.”

“The confrontational interview was really unexpected. It took me a while to realize that they were merely trying to provoke to anger on purpose. The interviewer seemed very frustrated that she had…”

“Nothing really "difficult", Interviewer asked me to proceed through taking him through an entire strategic sourcing activity that I managed in the past, most were screening questions”

“they asked about the largest contract i had negotiated.”

“I was asked why I went out on leave.”

“None too difficult. However, the way they worded this job description and the actual duties of this position were two completely different things.”

“The most difficult question was tell me how you negotiate with a difficult supplier.”

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