Sourcing Specialist Interview Questions

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“If it took 6 men 3 hours to load a truck, how long would it take 4 men?”

“Why are you interested in this job / working for Disney?”

“How would you respond if your boss needed a part and none was available....”

“How do you handle stress?”

“What makes you think you can adjust to working here?”

“I don't know anything about your job and you can't come to me or anyone else with questions so, what would you do.”

“What do you feel the appropriate amount of compensation would be for your services?”

“What is the most important thing in negotiation?”

“After 9 years of consistent track record, what happened in your last year to throw your resume off track? Frankly, I wouldn't have brought you in for the interview, but since you are here.”

“What is your weakness?”

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