Specialty Team Member Interview Questions

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“What's your favorite meal?”

“"As you may know, we here at WFM have 8 Core Values. What are some of your Core Values that you have in common with WFM?" (paraphrased heavily)”

“"Here at WFM, we talk a lot about "Shared-Fate". What do you think "Shared-Fate" means, and how do you think it applies to the way we do things here at WFM?" (or something to that effect)”

“Describe how you would make a memorable sandwich for a customer?”

“What gets you frustrated about your job?”

“Nothing in particular that stands out. Just be yourself.”

“If you could prepare and share a dinner with anyone, who would it be and what would you make?”

“What would you do if a customer asked for a cheese similar to ______ (some cheese I'd never heard of)?”

“What was my overall experience regarding handling food and doing food prep?”

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