Specialty Team Member Interview Questions

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“What's your favorite meal?”

“"As you may know, we here at WFM have 8 Core Values. What are some of your Core Values that you have in common with WFM?" (paraphrased heavily)”

“"Here at WFM, we talk a lot about "Shared-Fate". What do you think "Shared-Fate" means, and how do you think it applies to the way we do things here at WFM?" (or something to that effect)”

“What gets you frustrated about your job?”

“Nothing in particular that stands out. Just be yourself.”

“What would you do if a customer asked for a cheese similar to ______ (some cheese I'd never heard of)?”

“If you could prepare and share a dinner with anyone, who would it be and what would you make?”

“What was my overall experience regarding handling food and doing food prep?”

“There was not one difficult or unexpected question.”

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