Sports Interview Questions

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“There were no difficult questions. They asked about tape formats and black level, things that any beginning editor worth his salt would know.”

“What can you do to help the company grow and expand it's licensed sports and entertainment licensing portfolio.”

“The hardest one for me was "When was a time you went out of your way to help a customer?"”

“Can I trust you?”

“Do you think this Instagram filter is the right one?”

“"Besides a school group project, when was a time that you went above and beyond in a group setting?"”

“What is your process for developing a strategy?”

“Name 5 players on San Jose Sharks team (sports questions probably change each semester)”

“If we put you into the golf department name me an item that would be popular to sell.”

“none, as long as you know about current sports topics and how to behave responsively and efficiently at work (good work ethics) then you're all set.”

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