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“No question was too difficult to be answered.”

“What is an acceptable excuse to miss work?”

“She asked specific questions about how I would put together a wine list for the restaurant / club.”

“How many invoices did you process in your last accounts payable position?”

“During an event, there are 3 items that come up at once, how do you (as a group) prioritize these:
a) Broken leg by a participant
b) Missing child
c) Group of 6 unhappy participants”

“I honestly do not think there were any difficult questions.”

“"How would you react if..."”

“With my level of expertise, why do I want to work in the corporate setting as opposed to opening my own facility.”

“What can we do as a theater to be better? ie. better customer service or better tasting popcorn etc.”

“What weaknesses do you have?”

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