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“There are 7 balls - of which 6 are identical, one weighs slightly less. You have a two sided scale (like Lady Justice's) that you can use just twice. How do you find the odd ball?”

“No question was too difficult to be answered.”

“What is an acceptable excuse to miss work?”

“She asked specific questions about how I would put together a wine list for the restaurant / club.”

“How many invoices did you process in your last accounts payable position?”

“During an event, there are 3 items that come up at once, how do you (as a group) prioritize these:
a) Broken leg by a participant
b) Missing child
c) Group of 6 unhappy participants”

“I honestly do not think there were any difficult questions.”

“"How would you react if..."”

“With my level of expertise, why do I want to work in the corporate setting as opposed to opening my own facility.”

“What can we do as a theater to be better? ie. better customer service or better tasting popcorn etc.”

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