SQA Engineer Interview Questions

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“Mostly just general technical questions, like what is the output of this program or making a simple algorithm.”

“sql and questions related QC”

“How to write a testplan. Other questions were pretty basic. The hiring manager didn't have a clue about the job.”

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“Describe all the things that can go wrong with an iPhone development and an Expo marker.”

“asked if I liked to play games, and what games.. how would you develop + test it..”

“Write a Java code for Palindrome, Factorial etc.”

“why do you apply for this job”

“The first person I met with in person asked a lot of tough questions. The one that stumped me had to do with SQL: he gave me 2 tables and asked me to give a result set by joining the tables and using…”

“Candicate should study in depth on topic of TCP/IP, routing, subnetting, Natting, and security is a plus.”

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