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“Design (in Object Oriented manner) a restaurant reservation service. No coding necessary beyond class names and method names and rough description of how they work. Then design the SQL database for…”

“I was asked the question about ACID implementation in C#. Also was given a problem described as pretty typical for that company and asked how to deal with that model. The overall problem was about…”

“LINQ - pros and cons?”

“As you what this SQL statement does:

Select * From p.users Inner Join a.addresses Order By p.lastname”

“Describe a situation where you had to work in a teaming environment and someone on your team isn't doing their work. How would handle the situation?”

“Given an un-ordered array of integers n, starting at 1 and ending at n, there is one number missing and one number duplicated. Find them.”

“Are you familiar with SQL Windowing?”

“To describe how a person would write an SQL statement to get the names, locations, and something else from 3 different tables without using joins or views.”

“As an SE the owner wants you to know about Java and C# programming. So there are questions on those. Also SQL based questions as they want you to know how to answer customers technical questions on…”

“Give an example of how you would write a SQL statement.”

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