Sql Interview Questions

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“I wasn't caught off guard or stumped by any of the questions. They were solid SQL questions on how to construct a query.”

“What is the difference between InnoDB and MyISAM schema type in MySql?”

“What SQL would you execute in oracle to identify a column name that is used in multiple tables within a given schema”

“What kind of experience do you have? What is your educational background?”

“SQL: Difference between 'where' clause and 'having' clause?”

“Write a SQL query (join) that used count and group by correctly. They had set up a situation where there were two tables that needed joining (Person and Employees).”

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“I had lots of SQL questions from how to create indexes, when to use the different joins, Use of views in SQL, how to improve efficiency of query, and how to write sql programmes for large data sets.”

“What are the three different types of tables?”

“Gobal Temporary Tables”

“Syntax for SQL group by”

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