Sr. manufacturing engineer Interview Questions

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“None that comes to my mind. Mostly, why are you leaving your other job?”

“Would you let out product that is just out of spec”

“Have you ever purchased new manufacturing equipment before?”

“Why are you looking to change jobs?”

“Using out of date language and processes to base the interview discussion made the interview long and awkward.. The person being interviewed needs to be comfortable asking questions in order to…”

“There were really no difficult or unexpected questions during either interview”

“What are you afraid of?”

“No real difficult questions. More personality questions rather than technical question.”

“Describe a project in which you followed the design from initial customer requirements through prototypes to final production and delivery.”

“Why should we hire you?
what was the day you felt the best during your previous experiences?
Why do you want to work for our department?
what are your three main strength?
Is there anything you…”

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