Staff Accountant Interview Questions

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“1) Tell me about yourself
2) Why is your GPA not on here?
3) Why our company? Why not a larger firm/small firm?
4) Do you like working in teams or independently?
5) What do you think about…”

“Why should we choose you for this job?”

“What skills that you possess would help our organizatiion”

“Where do you see yourself 5 years from now”

“Can't remember any specific questions being terribly difficult. If you prepare modestly, are honest with yourself in your responses (but not obnoxious or unprofessional), and remain friendly, you'll…”

“I had trouble typing fast enough with the owner sitting next to me with a chronometer in hand but it was all fun.”

“What was your favorite course in college?”

“Do you play sports?”

“What do you wan to do for your future career.”

“Tell me about yourself.”

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