Staff Analyst Interview Questions

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“How would you go about doing this job?”

“explain 3 recent changes or improvements that you have made in your personal, social, or educational life”

“Describe the business strategy of your current employer in one sentence.”

“Tell us about your work in x y z. A couple of technical questions related to the position.”

“Wonderlic Test”

Staff Analyst at Alcoa

Apr 17, 2014

“If you could be any brand of cereal, what would you be?”

“"Describe a time when diversity was a major concern. How did you handle this?"”

“The difficult questions revolved around clustered indexes.”

“How would you handle a circumstance when you had a routine project from your manager (who is out of town), but received a request for assistance to complete a project another team is working on?”

“Tell us about a specific account where you failed at something.”

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