Staff Assistant Interview Questions

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“How do you deal with stress in life? (Not at work, but in LIFE)”

“Can you tell people NO? (???) Do you have a hard time saying NO? This was asked at 3 of 5 interviews.”

“Tell us about your "front desk" experience. It might sound silly, but this is a MAJOR DEAL. You might have done all the duties and task in the job posting -- for years --- and be very competent in…”

“Are you punctual? (seems simple but for someone with a lot of experience it was somewhat challenging/insulting to answer--I felt like they had not looked at my resume and I felt like considering our…”

“If you could describe yourself in X number of words, what would they be? This is asked at most RIT interviews.”

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“Give an example of the kind of customer service you've provided patrons in your previous employment.”

“What was the worst partner you've ever worked with and why was he/she hard to deal with.”

“Was asked to show samples of my design work.”

“How long do you see yourself remaining in this position?”

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