Staff Attorney Interview Questions

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“no difficult questions”

“Have you ever worked on a case where Faegre (nee Benson) Baker Daniels was opposing counsel?”

“Descibe overall experience and confidence related to multi-state litigation.”

“We encounter a lot of last-minute, stressful situations. Is this something that would bother you?”

“Why do you want to work for Legal Aid”

“[After reviewing a fact pattern dealing with an automobile collision] Describe what information you would seek to obtain from the Plaintiff's deposition; describe what your discovery plan would be...”

“They asked how I felt about an open office concept and how comfortable I would be dealing with intra-office conflict.”

“Why are you the best pick to be the law clerk?”

“most unexpected was if I would like the job”

“What can you bring to the office in terms of skills and drive?”

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