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“Case interview with outsourcing requirements”

“explain psychoacoustics”

“Are you capable of managing many tasks at one time? ....that change frequently.”

“"You have a 3 GHz Oscilloscope trying to measure a 2 GHz Square wave. What do you see on the scope and why?"”

“They asked about a remediation treatment process common in CA but that I wasn't familiar with.”

“Given the following: You have a product that is built each day in a large and long build. The product has thousands of components, may of which are updated on a daily basis.
Given that the build…”

“Explain what will you do if there is a bug in silicon. What are the things you will check first”

“Question on allocating memory pointers inside a function. A pointer variable is passed as a parameter to a function. Memory allocation is done inside the function for the pointer using malloc. After…”

“I do not recall any difficult questions. The most tricky question asked by most interviewers is: What do you see yourself doing in the future? Its difficult because not only there is no right…”

“How to fix, Setup and HOLD violations on the same path, same corner when OCV is enabled.”

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