Staff Research Associate Interview Questions

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“If you find a coworker who is going against procedure, what would you do?”

“What was something i did not like about a previous job”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years and how does this position play a role in achieving that?”

“Suppose the driver of a push-button ignition vehicle finds his/her vehicle is suddenly accelerating out of control. What would their first reaction be? What improvements need to be made to today's…”

“Required some technical knowledge but not too in depth.”

“How would you make a 1L solution of _____ if you had a stock solution of _____concentration?”

“What can you bring to our team that we are in need of?”

“how do you feel about working a couple of hours on every weekend?”

“how long would you like to stay with the company, knowing many pre-meds take this job as their time off to build resume. This company just want to avoid flaky pre-meds.”

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