Staffing Coordinator Interview Questions

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“Not only was the staffing coordinator extremely unprofessional about the situation, but she was not even the least bit empathetic about my situation. Mind you, why would ANYONE want to work for a…”

“Only two questions were asked by the Director of Nursing and they are easy answers.
1. Are you good with computers?
2. If it is Friday and a nurse or CNA call in sick what do you do?”

“They asked me why I wanted to leave my current job which I had been working for the past 4 1/2 years.”

“It would be great to interact with the business and get the interview started. However, the Account Manager booked three interviews, all which did not take place. I waited by the phone and no call…”

“What would I bring to the table?”

“Explain your past work experiences in detail, the type of work done, projects etc”

“What made you want to go into this field?”

“what happens when you fail.”

“If I was comfortable multi-tasking.”

“I didn't expected to get a question from them, such as "Are you ok with working overtime?"”

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