Staffing & Outsourcing interview questions

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“What is your greatest weakness?”

“As a Michael Page employee what are we here for?”

“What certificatoins do you have?”

“What is your age?”

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“Do you prefer working as an individual or a team?”

“What do you like about sales?”

“What would you do if there was a problem that you didn't know how to solve off the top of your head?”

“What is the least amount of ways to determine which marble out of 8 is the lightest using a balance scale?”

“I'm going to give you two phrases, neither of which is a wrong answer, and just tell me which you would say describes you better: I love to win, or I hate to lose?”

“You have 10 bags that weighs the same except for one that weighs less. With a scale, what's the shortest number of tries to find the bag that weighs less?”

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