Staffing & Outsourcing interview questions

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“Do you prefer working as an individual or a team?”

“What do you like about sales?”

“What would you do if there was a problem that you didn't know how to solve off the top of your head?”

“Describe a time you got bad customer service.”

“Describe a time you got good customer service.”

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“What makes you think you can do this job?”

“I'm going to give you two phrases, neither of which is a wrong answer, and just tell me which you would say describes you better: I love to win, or I hate to lose?”

“You have 10 bags that weighs the same except for one that weighs less. With a scale, what's the shortest number of tries to find the bag that weighs less?”

“I see you have had an internship with this company, why didn't you apply for ADP's internship?”

“Have you ever built a computer before?”

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