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“What are your negative aspects?”

“The presentation was big... Interesting question was "why did I not win the business that I lost?"”

“Tell about a difficult situation and how you overcame it.”

“Why do you want to join our team?”

“Why did I want to return to corporate? What sort of placement was I looking for? What sort of business culture did I feel most comfortable in? In short, where would I be comfortable when placed.”

“Easy questions. Looking for a personality fit, and someone that assures them they don't mind making 50+ phone calls a day.”

“What are three things you are looking for in your next job?”

“Why do you wan to wok here”

“"Whats the strangest position you ever had that you ended up being successful at/loving?" Have to say that the questions were put to me very honestly and I did'nt feel "tricked" or led on in any...”

“Have you ever had a project go into a RED or behind schedule status? What dd you do?”

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