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“Really practice and rehearse your introduction and interview questions. Dress the part also! Since you will be held to a strict uniform policy as a FA, you should demonstrate that you are already…”

“How would you describe your decision making process?”

“"What is something you've recently learned that you've been able to apply successfully?" The reason this caught me off guard was because it was my fourth over the course of 4 hours and this…”

Team Leader at Target

Aug 10, 2013

“What is you're weakness ?”

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“Tell me of a time that you were disappointed with your efforts to resolve a conflict between coworkers.”

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“(Phone interview) Please describe a situation where you had to work with ambiguity?”

“"tell me about a time when you.... made a mistake, didn't get along with a coworker, had foresight to a problem, challenges you faced, etc."”

“Tell me about a time you made a mistake.”

“What is your greatest weakness.”

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