Station Agent Interview Questions

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“Why do you believe you should be hired?”

“The questions weren't too unusual. A lot of "are you willing to work outside in poor conditions under intense deadlines" types. One lady went on "about" or some other website and looked up "how to…”

“I was only asked one question, describe yourself in one word”

“why are you a good canidate for this job?”

“What would you do with an angry customer. How would you handle the situation.”

“Not necessarily a question but as a station agent you need to be prepared for all aspects and worse case scenarios...our group got a tour of the ramp, loading cargo bins, emptying the lavs, trying to…”

“The group interview is a nice setting. Relaxed atmosphere.”

“How would you handle an irate customer whose flight has been delayed”

“When was a time you had to go beyond your call of duty?”

“What will you bring to the company?”

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