Statistical Interview Questions

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“Case interview #1: Mail sending”

“You have 1000 randomly sampled data points. The goal is to try to build a regression model with one response variable from k regressor variables. Which is better?
1. (Bayesian Regression) Using the…”

“What is your best asset?”

“Give me one solution to tell some customers are interested in our products.”

“why do you want to leave your current employer?”

“The most difficult question had to be where I saw myself from within the company. Initially it's hard to say because of the atmosphere in place already. You have to be here to feel things out…”

“A company that produces an inexpensive frozen pizza product (eaten mostly by children) is experiencing losses in sales and the grocery stores that carry the product are threatening to remove it from…”

“Any interaction with biologist”

“Tell me how to teach someone to solve a problem with a program.”

“What all activities you do while validating a table or dataset?”

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