Statistical Interview Questions

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“What are three current topics in sports from the last week?”

“Have you worked on a team project?”

“The interview was 4 hours long with 4 different groups of interviewers. Each focused on a different element of security. The questions were more than fair for the position.”

“The most difficult questions were about bioinformatics techniques. If you work in -omics data (proteomics, genomics, etc), this shouldn't be a problem for you.”

“SAS programming skills are drilled. Then it is important to know about the new standards of CDISC, CDASH, etc.”

“prior experience, challenges, skills”

“The big question dealt with a regression based on whether or not someone will donate money to a university. Asked how to gather data, what you would do to check it, what kind of regression...”

“what method of statistical forecasting do you ues?”

“Estimate the number of people watching basketball at this time.”

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