Statistical Interview Questions

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“SAS programming skills are drilled. Then it is important to know about the new standards of CDISC, CDASH, etc.”

“The big question dealt with a regression based on whether or not someone will donate money to a university. Asked how to gather data, what you would do to check it, what kind of regression…”

“what method of statistical forecasting do you ues?”

“Estimate the number of people watching basketball at this time.”

“SAS procedures dealing with complex general linear models.”

“Explain how marketing campaigns are designed and executed? Suppose you are given a 5k budget and want to launch a marketing campaign, how would you do it? Assume the usual response rate is 10%.”

“Explain a time when you did not agree with your supervisor. How did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?”

“Explain the model in non-technical language.”

“Tells us about a time you made a technical mistake in your work/projects and how you deal with it”

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