Statistician Interview Questions

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“why do you think you are fit for the job.”

“How do you create queries in SQL ?”

“If a sample of 60 observations has a 95% confidence interval of 5, and 12 of the observations are outside of the interval, what does it tell us about the sample?”

“Usual questions of when and how you handled a hard situation. How do you feel about animal research.”

“Explain specific statistical techniques for solving a problem (variable reduction)”

“What does a 95% confidence interval mean?”

“The data analysis parts are interesting: one is about predicting sales given historical data; one is about the effect of weather on sales.”

“I don't remember specific questions but someone with SAS certificate will get the job for sure.”

“No difficult technical questions - only needed to answer questions about the lunch presentation”

“1/Business case: 5000 alumni samples, 1000 variables, ask for the whole procedure to build the model. Then he asked model validation( over fitting, assumptions...)”

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