Stockman Interview Questions

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“Name a time where you had a difficult task to complete, what steps did you take to complete the task.”

“Explain how you are better than everyone else here and why we should hire you over them.”

Stockman at Rural King

Oct 15, 2013

“In general there are a lot of questions you aren't going to have a good answer or even an answer at all within the first few weeks/months of working with Rural King.(lack of training)”

Stockman at Walmart

Jun 28, 2012

“if a incident had happen how would you react?”

Stockman at Walmart

May 30, 2013

“Relate a prior job experience to how you will help Walmart grow?

This is especially difficult if you either have no experience in the area or no experience at all.”

“"Sell" your co-interviewee to us in your best Billy Mays impression and explain what skills he has and why we should hire him.”

“What is your biggest weakness?”

Stockman at Walmart

Jun 10, 2013

“Strengths and weaknesses”

“What is your definition of a team?”

“When are you available?”

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