Storage Engineer Interview Questions

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“What's your University GPA?”

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“Your resume states that you wish to move into management. Would you be satisfied with this position?”

“There were some technical job related questions asked.”

“What is your background with IBM storage?”

“What qualities does the employee seek in thier managers?”

“Paraphrase: Since your perspective employees will have more knowledge in the given area than you will, how will you gain credibility with them?”

“I signed an NDA, which I will respect. However, be prepared for really unexpected scenario type questions. ;-)”

“Classic interview questions. Q1) How do you handle stress? Q2) How do you work on a team? Q3) What do you do if you see someone doing something unethical? Blaa Blaa”

“The same questions were asked by all the interviewers (Very repetitive) and exhausting.”

“I felt that the questions I had the most trouble answering were the typical HR situation based questions regarding how I handled different situations or scenarios. It's hard to remember multiple...”

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