Store Associate Interview Questions

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“Have you ever sold tobacco products before?”

“Describe an example of how you have given excellent customer service.”

“Describe a time when you were given feedback from a supervisor that you needed to improve your performance in a certain area. How did you improve/ what did you do differently?”

“Tell me about yourself?”

“Sell me this Pen?”

“Nothing was difficult, they asked me about myself and I got the job the same day ..”

“What would you do if a customer was rude and demanded service?”

“Asking what you want to do in this company, knowing in truth you just want a job and money and have to come up with some BS answer to get hired. But, interview was easy and down to earth. Then again...”

“School related question: I dont remember the exact phrasing but it was about a school project, if I had ever done one and what it was/how did I play a part/bla blah, I never took part in school...”

“why do you choose Walmart?”

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